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Very nice mix of products especially the yam pau, yam samosa and best is the orh nee not too sweet and flavourful. New product is the ice cream (gelato) which is definitely worth trying. thick and concentrated, best paired with biscuits and wafers!.


The best orhnee ( yampaste) I can find.. I had been arrage groubbuy for my neighbours. We love the orhnee from orhsome.. U nv regret.. highly recommended shop... Seller is a nice person too...


Bought yam ring and orh née for CNY. Initially quite skeptical as the cooking guide mentioned we can use air fryer to heat up the yam ring if we don't want to deep fried it. for the first time ever, air fryer works! the yam ring turns out beautifully and it was very crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Orh née was fantastic too! tasted so well without the coconut cream. Haven't try the bites yet but should be as good I guess. We will definitely be back for more and orhhsome is really the best orh née we had tasted so far (probably it's a teochew thing, we are quite picky of the orh née)! Keep up the great work folks at Orhhsome! .


真的是一试成主顾,又忍不住按了订购键。每次我都会购买一公斤装的冷冻芋泥砖[供10人享用],解冻弄热之后加上莲子,金瓜和椰奶,仿佛就像是餐馆一样的水准。 一公斤装的芋泥砖才卖$13, 各位看官,你说说,哪里找得到一碗$1.30的芋泥呢,重点是味道一流,有着些许奶香,芋泥吃起来顺滑绵密,芋泥控千万别走宝!.

Xie JiaFa (88.3JIA DJ)

Bought a few portions for my family members and the consensus was that it’s absolutely delicious! We love that the orh nee was made very smooth and sweetness level is just right! Good value for money.

Kelly Shia

This is one of the best orh nee or yam paste that i have eaten. No exaggeration. I returned last week for the 2nd time. Even my mum who has a high standard for orh nee, has only praises for Orhhsome yam paste. The pricing is reasonable, order placement is easy, payment is straightforward and collection is fuss-free! All these make for a great experience!.

Lee Leng Pin

It is difficult to find crispy yam puffs nowadays and I’m so happy that they can be found at Orhhsome. The quality of the yam paste for their products is really good! Smooth and fragrant and sweetness is just right! Does not have the flavour of lard too, purely rich yam flavour. Highly recommended!.

Lyn Song

We are Orhhsome™


Orhhsome™ has a humble beginning in 1995, starting our production of various Chinese traditional products such as spring rolls, yam products, pipa chicken from a small kitchen in Ang Mo Kio food industrial park. 


Over the years, we have slowly transformed ourselves to specialise in traditional Yam products such as yam paste and yam ring, which have remained our top sellers till this day. In the past, we supply directly to zichar stalls, seafood restaurants and hotels which you can enjoy only during special occasions such as family gatherings and wedding dinners.


Fast forward to today, as Orhhsome™ continues to evolve, we have since shifted to our new facility at Mandai Link where we are able to upscale our productions. Together with the second generation owners coming onboard, we strive to bring you even more convenience and quality yam products. 


With this in mind, the team has curated some innovative new exciting products such as Orhhsome™ Bites and Orhhsome™ Bao. Individual customers such as yourself can now place an order online via our webpage and have it delivered to anywhere in Singapore, where you can enjoy with family and friends at the comfort of your own home.


Orhhsome aims to bring you the most awesome and authentic Yam products to all yam lovers. We assure you the most Orhhsome (pun intended) experience ever. So come try the 5-stars rated goodies today!

Best in Singapore

Your love for Yam, vouched by all the reviews.  Try it yourself to believe the reviews.

The best you can find in Singapore!

Premium Ingredients, Innovative Yam Products

We use 100% natural ingredients, no preservatives / artificial flavoring or colouring added.  While we pride ourselves as the most authentic Yam Paste and Ring supplier around, we strive to constantly innovate to bring you new Yam Products like our Orhhsome™Bites and Orhhsome™Bao.

Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly

We are 100% vegetarian and vegan. No pork, lard, dairy, onion or garlic. You can now indulge in your favourite dessert with family and friends without worrying about dietary constraints.